Professional Cleaning Draft Beer Lines

Unique Environmentally friendly and Money Saving Cleaning System.

Mikkel Bjergsø
Founder of Mikkeller

“The Safe’n’fresh system solves the main problems in cleaning a draft beer system. It is not polluting the environment. It is safe for staff to work with. Automation saves at lot of working time. You never get chemicals in the beer. You waste less beer. And very important – it cleans better, providing fresher tasting beer.”

Environmentally friendly

Money Saving

Fast process

Cleaning of Draft lines

Need for

The cleaning procedure for draft beer lines has not seen change and improvements for many years. The current technique is polluting the environment when chemicals are dumped in the drain.

It is cumbersome, time consuming and involves risky handling of harsh chemicals. Not surprisingly it is unpopular with staff. Finally, the traditional procedure is sometimes resulting in lines that are not cleaned sufficiently.

A fully automated cleaning procedure

Safe’n’fresh is fully automated so while it takes 2½ hour to clean 20 lines, Safe’n’fresh only require 10 minutes manual work. To start attach drain connectors with the beer taps and connect the tubes to the drain, press start and open beer taps. Disinfection cleans the lines in an automated sequence.

To complete the faucets are closed, the Drain Connectors are removed, the taps are cleared by opening until clear solution is replaced with beer and confirm by pressing the complete button.

minutes to clean 20 lines
minutes of manual work

Cleaning beer lines

No more worries

Vigorously tested

The Safe’n’fresh has been tested in bars for a year to catch and solve teething problems.

Service contract

The Safe’n’fresh service contract keeps the system up to date. There is an annual visit with preventative maintenance.

Cost savings in your bar operations

We can help you calculate the value and cost savings of implementing Safe’n’fresh in your bar.

Why choose Safe'n'fresh?

Here are 6 reasons

Ozonized water is environmentally neutral

Automated procedure eliminates 90% of manual work

Better Cleaning - Better Tasting Beer

Eliminates risk of working with harsh chemicals

Eliminates risk of accidentally serving beer with chemical residuals

Less beer is wasted